Tate Britain - Panaudicon by platformlondon

Tate Boat - This is not an oil tanker by platformlondon

Tate Modern - "Drilling the Dirt (A Temporary Difficulty)" by platformlondon

Platform, Liberate Tate and Art Not Oil present a site-specific sound artwork themed around the issue of BP sponsorship of Tate.

Download via SoundCloud (FREE), BandCamp (FREE), or iTunes (small fee).

Tate à Tate is created by Ansuman Biswas (Tate Britain), Isa Suarez, Mae Martin and Mark McGowan (Tate Boat) and Phil England and Jim Welton (Tate Modern).

Download the audio tour and go to Tate Britain, Tate Boat and Tate Modern to participate in this interventionist sound artwork - or listen at home.

TATE à TATE from You and I Films on Vimeo.